IKEA to Now Offer Cars


In what some manufacturers are calling the dawn of a new automotive era, Dutch retail gaint IKEA will now offer customers the opportunity to purchase an ultra-affordable new car from its retail stores and catalogue.

Consumer Reports© contend not much prevents them from advocating the new $500 IKEA car, other than cautioning potential buyers to the standard risks involved in assembling a car themselves.

Independent consumer advocacy groups believe however that only tragedy will come from such an endorsement.

They point to IKEA’s inferior product reputation, especially when applied to an actual automobile, as an alarming safety concern.

IKEA representatives strategically have steered clear of acknowledging the car’s shortcomings, instead assuring customers that “virtually no cardboard products will comprise any of the car’s frame or paneling”.


5 Responses to IKEA to Now Offer Cars

  1. your site is shit and should suck my big phat long cock

  2. […] this one to my attention.  Apparently even though the automobile markets worldwide are tanking, Ikea has decided it’s a good time to enter the game.  If you’re having the same nightmarish images flash through your head as I am, you’re […]

  3. we have all arrangements to assemble your IEKA cars, nr. Delhi.

  4. John says:

    Ikea is not dutch nor is this article factually correct.

  5. groovedshoulder says:

    John, we respectfully disagree with your statement. We’d also like to add that we here at Grooved Shoulder sodomized your mother last evening and it was SPECTACULAR.

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