AWOL Garnett Captured in China











Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett, on the run from NBA investigators for weeks since being suspended for “sadness detrimental to the team,” was finally captured Tuesday in China.

Garnett’s inability to embrace winning, as first reported by Grooved Shoulder, sent the all-star into a tailspin, triggering him to flee the country. 

According to sources close to the team, Garnett fled to Shanghai in hopes of comforting the family of Milwaukee Bucks forward Yi Jianlian, whose son’s team lost to the Celtics 104-82 back in December and is currenly last in the Central Division at 18-34.

Shanghai newpaper 使者 reported early Tuesday that Garnett, unable to communicate his feelings with no real knowledge of the Chinese language, paced outside the Jianlian residence for nearly two hours before the family alerted authorities of a crazed seven-foot African man who appeared to be disoriented.

Celtics officials, following Garnett’s capture, refrained from commenting as to when or if the forward would rejoin the team.


One Response to AWOL Garnett Captured in China

  1. Osiris says:

    Foolish Mortals!

    Don’t you ignorant fools do ANY research before pushing your crap onto the Internet?!

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